Applications of Vensim

Vensim can be used to solve a variety of problems. There are a number example applications at our corporate web site, in the resources, and of course in the models that come with Vensim.  Still, that is only a small sample of the things that can be done.

Here are some of the areas in which our customers and partners have applied Vensim.  If you have an interesting application you would like to share, please send us a note.

  • Vensim 9 launch sale, Ventity release and System Dynamics Society Seminar Series.
    1. Vensim 9 2. Vensim 9 launch sale, throughout the month of August 2021 3. Ventity 4.6 4. System Dynamics Society Seminar Series, Introduction to Modeling Process – Nici Zimmermann, August 18th 2021 5. Online courses 6. Applications 7. In the Forum 8. System Dynamics Conference News 9. Resources for Vensim users 10. Our official ...
  • Science Dynamics Reviews
    Our distributor in the Czech Republic has been publishing regular scientific reviews, all of them contain models and applications of Vensim. They are published in both English and Czech English edition Czech edition      
  • Work-education mismatchWork-education mismatch
    Congratulations to Navid Ghaffarzadegana, Xue Yi and Richard Larson for their publication in EJOR, Work-education mismatch: An endogenous theory of professionalization.
  • New C-ROADS and World Climate simulators
    The latest version of Climate Interactive‘s award-winning C-ROADS climate change policy simulator, powered by Vensim, is available at You can run the simpler World Climate version online, in a nice browser interface:
  • Integrated Sustainable Development Goals planning model (iSDG)Integrated Sustainable Development Goals planning model (iSDG)
    The Millennium Institute (MI) is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.2 of the Integrated Sustainable Development Goals planning model (iSDG). The iSDG is a comprehensive simulation tool developed with Vensim that generates country-specific development scenarios to show the implications of policy interventions on a country’s progress towards the SDGs. What’s New in Version 1.2 A total ...
  • Energy Policy SimulatorEnergy Policy Simulator
    Energy Innovation has a cool new simulator that lets users explore what it takes to achieve energy and emissions targets, in detail. The simulator is online with a custom HTML5 interface that runs a Vensim model on servers using the Multicontext shared library. The interface was developed by Todd Fincannon. It has extensive documentation, and the Policy ...
  • ISDC 2016 Best Poster 2016ISDC 2016 Best Poster 2016
    Congratulations to Joona Tuovinen for receiving the Best Poster award at ISDC 2016, for The Dynamics of Product Commonality: implications of the circular causality between product and firm structures. The conference proceedings include the paper and Vensim model in the Supporting Material.
  • 2015 Dana Meadows Award
    The 2015 Dana Meadows Award goes to Mohammad Jalali, Armin Ashouri Rad, Oscar Herrera-Restrepo and Hui Zhang for Information Diffusion through Social Networks: the Case of an Online Petition. People regularly use online social networks due to their convenience, efficiency, and significant broadcasting power for sharing information. However, the diffusion of information in online social networks is ...
  • C-ROADS Applications PrizeC-ROADS Applications Prize
    Congratulations to the C-ROADS team for winning the System Dynamics Society’s Applications Prize! Left to right: John Sterman (MIT Sloan), Phil Sawin, Drew Jones, Lori Siegel (CI), Tom Fiddaman (Ventana), Travis Franck (CI), Erich Zahn & Jack Homer (for the Society). Not shown: Beth Sawin (CI) and numerous other collaborators and partners who made the work ...
  • Game Change RioGame Change Rio
    A Facebook app from CodeSustainable, powered by the multicontext Vensim library on Linux servers: