We pride ourselves on high quality technical support provided by professional modelers with decades of experience.

PLE and PLE Plus, student downloads and free software.

If you are using PLE or PLE+ or any of the free software we provide, support is via our online support forum only. Please visit

Online Support


Online Documentation replicates the Help menu included in your copy of Vensim.

The Vensim Forum at Ventana UK is an open forum for discussing any questions relating to using Vensim and modeling issues. It is a good place for in-depth discussion and provides quick answers to most questions.

Video Learning Resources

We have a growing library of video tutorials and walkthroughs.

Professional and DSS

For license holders with current maintenance, Ventana provides free email and phone technical support for questions relating to the use of and problems with Vensim Professional and DSS. Please provide your licence details when contacting us for help (click Help->About Vensim to get the serial number).

Note: Technical support is for problems with Vensim, not problems with model conceptualization or formulation, though we will be as helpful as we can.

International Support

If you purchased Vensim though one of our international distributors you can contact them directly with any support questions you may have. All are knowledgeable in both the use of Vensim and the practice of system dynamics.


Support for, and new versions of, Vensim are provided on a subscription basis. Your initial licensing of Vensim includes one year of maintenance. At the end of that time you must renew your maintenance to continue to receive new releases and technical support. Maintenance gives you access to all new versions of Vensim for the configuration you have licensed.

If you choose not to renew maintenance you may continue to use the software, unless you have a limited time version, but you will not have access to new releases or technical support.


Training is available both for the use of Vensim and the art and practice of building system dynamics models. Public workshops are offered periodically and workshops can also be delivered in-house when that is appropriate; contact us for a quote.

In partnership with our official distributor in Spain, we can now offer online courses. See the following page for more details and pricing.


Ventana Systems, Inc. provides a full range of consulting services. We can provide you with the expertise you need to address difficult business and public policy problems, or point you to a provider who can.