Privacy Policy

Ventana Systems, Inc. respects your privacy.  Any personal information we have on you, including email addresses, are kept private.  They are not sold or shared in any way with any other corporation or organization, except as may be required by law.

Ventana Systems, Inc. maintains a database listing the name and email addresses of people who download our products.  When downloading, you may check “Put me on the Vensim mailing list” with Yes, No, or leave the default of No Answer.  If you checked “No”, you will not receive any email from us.

Those checking “Yes” or leaving “No Answer” will occasionally receive email regarding new updates to Vensim or related things like Vensim courses.  Ventana also provides these email addresses once per year to the System Dynamics Society to announce the annual system dynamics conference.  If you don’t want to receive emails from our mailing list, send us a note to and let us know.