2022 System Dynamics Conference

Ventana are proud to be sponsoring System Dynamics conference for another year.

We are a group of System Dynamics practitioners with diverse interests in energy, infrastructure aircraft logistics, pharmaceuticals and a variety of other fields. We also publish the Vensim and Ventity software, used worldwide for building models. We make versions of Vensim and Ventity available for free for use in teaching.

This year, we will have limited staff on site at the conference; the rest of us will be there virtually. Please pop by and say hello, either in person, or in our Zoom room.

We have two sessions scheduled on Wednesday July 20th at 2pm. To add these to your personal schedule, please visit

Sponsor demo : https://isdc.systemdynamics.org/session/1550

User group : https://isdc.systemdynamics.org/session/1551


Vensim and Ventity are discounted by 20% for all conference participants. Talk to us at the conference or via email for more details.

Vensim PLE

Vensim PLE is free for educational use. You can download a copy here.


You can get a fully working evaluation copy of Ventity at,


After downloading, educational users can request a free academic license.


This year we’re prerecording all of our workshop content, so that it’ll be available to everyone, not just in-person conference attendees, all the time. We’ll list the videos here as they’re available.

Introduction to Vensim

Finished models from this video: EX Customer Base.zip

Slides: Introduction to System Dynamics.pdf

Using Data in Vensim

This video walks you through most of the pathways for using time series data in Vensim. You’ll need Vensim PLE+, Pro or DSS for most of this – if you don’t have a copy, you can use the trial link above.

Models & Slides: VensimData

Vensim Calibration – Part 1

This video walks you through the essence of the calibration process, from creating synthetic data (for “real” data, see the previous workshop) to an initial, simple calibration.

Slides and start/finish models: CalibrationWithVensim2022 pt1.pdf CalibrationWithVensim2022 pt2.vdf VensimCalibration – PredatorPrey.zip

Vensim Calibration – Part 2

This video picks up where Part 1 ends, and covers advanced topics – weighting the payoff, Kalman fitering, using Markov Chain Monte Carlo for confidence bounds, sensitivity analysis, and priors for Bayesian System Dynamics.

Slides and start/finish models (same as above for Part 1): CalibrationWithVensim2022 pt1.pdf CalibrationWithVensim2022 pt2.vdf VensimCalibration – PredatorPrey.zip

Introduction to Ventity

This video introduces you to Ventity with an interesting agent-based model.

Ventity Intro – Agent.zip

For a quicker introduction, you might also be interested in Doing Classic SD with Ventity

What’s New?

Curious what we’re up to? This video showcases some new and upgraded features of Vensim and Ventity. If you don’t see something you want, we’d love to hear your feature requests.