Vensim® Personal Learning Edition

Vensim PLE is a version of Vensim that has been designed to lower the barriers to the beginning system dynamics modeler.

Vensim PLE is fully functional system dynamics software that is free for personal and educational use, and comes complete with sample models, help engine, and Adobe Acrobat format PLE User’s Guide.  You can download Vensim PLE here.

Vensim PLE:

  • Is free for academic and personal use.
  • Has simplified menus and dialogs.
  • Contains fewer option settings.
  • Has a fixed tool set.
  • Contains fewer model-building tools.
  • Contains fewer of functions.

The result is an easy-to-use package that makes it fun to start exploring system dynamics.

Please note that if you require simulation or analysis features not present in Vensim PLE, then you should try the other releases: Vensim PLE Plus, Vensim Professional, or Vensim DSS.

Vensim PLE Survey

If you have used Vensim PLE, please help by filling in our Survey.

Commercial Use

If you are using Vensim PLE for commercial purposes, you may evaluate it for up to 90 days free of charge. If you want to keep using it, you may purchase an inexpensive commercial license in the Vensim Store.

Download Vensim PLE at the Download page.

Vensim PLE Documentation (User’s Guide)

To install Vensim PLE, you will need to read and accept a License Agreement which you can review here.

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